The Wayfinder guide

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April 29, 2019

Wayfinder is a project of Guidance for Resilience in the Anthropocene (GRAID), which is a joint initiative of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the Resilience Alliance, and the Australia Resilience Centre. This is a comprehensive guide “for navigating towards sustainable futures” –  a step-by-step companion that will help you take an integrated social and ecological approach in your change project. There are five phases:

  1. Building coalitions
  2. Understanding your system identity
  3. Understanding your system dynamics
  4. Strategies, and
  5. Learning

These steps are not linear, but are interlinked and iterative. Within each you’ll find detailed explanation of the importance and processes of that stage, along with tools and facilitation guidance. We highly recommend an exploration of the guide. It is full of practical tools that you can use when you need them as your programme develops. This is a resource you’ll want to come back to again and again.