Getting to Maybe: how the world is changed

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April 30, 2019

“Maybe’ comes with no guarantees, only a chance. But “maybe” has always been the best odds the world has offered to those who set out to alter its course—to find a new land across the sea, to end slavery, to enable women to vote, to walk on the moon, to bring down the Berlin Wall. “Maybe” is not a cautious word. It is a defiant claim of possibility in the face of a status quo we are unwilling to accept. And as you will see from reading this book, transforming the world is possible because the very complex forces of interconnection that make systems resistant to change are the same ones that can be harnessed to propel change. “Maybe” is hope incarnate—for all but the complacent and the cynical.”

So say the authors of this beloved classic, Frances Westley, Brenda Zimmerman, and Michael Quinn Patton. If you’re trying to make positive change in a world with no guarantees, read this book. You’ll find your experience reflected here, as well as artistry and wisdom to help you on your way.